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If you are interested in getting your medical marijuana card in Michigan, then look no further. We can assist you through the process and help you get your card. Our medical marijuana doctors are trained to evaluate your condition & symptoms and make sure you meet all of the requirements. To begin, apply for your card here!

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Step 1. See if you qualify for medical marijuana with aa online application.

Step 2. Our physicians will review your application and schedule an appointment.

Step 3. We will provide you with everything you need to get your card!

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We make getting your medical marijuana card in Michigan easy! Just apply online and see if you qualify. Once we review your medical records, we can schedule a time for you to receive your doctors recommendation and medical marijuana card.

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"I live in Detroit, Michigan and when I decided to get my Michigan Medical Marijuana Card I had a feeling it wouldn't be easy as there isn't many resources here. I decided to go with medical cannabis after months of traditional Chemo treatments weren't helping my Cancer treatment symptoms. When I found this site online it had all the info I needed to go about getting my MMMP card and even allowed me to apply online to see a cannabis physician in Detroit. After seeing the doctor, the medical marijuana clinic in Detroit helped me fill out my application through the state to get my card and now I'm a regular patient of the OMMP program." Kelly- Detroit, Michigan

"I did two tours in Iraq, after being sent home to Grand Rapids because I was hit by a major blast and losing partial hearing and sight in one side of my head I was left with major chronic pain. The VA tried treating it with many other medicines but none of them were helping my symptoms, some were even making it worse. So I decided to try medical marijuana and found this site. It had everything I needed & where to go I even applied online and was called later that day. They even found me a cannabis clinic in Grand Rapids near my house. I'm very happy and could not thank this site enough." Anonymous- Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Getting my medical marijuana card in Flint, Michigan was actually much less complicated than I had imagined. I contacted the marijuana doctor in Flint and he helped me fill out my Michigan Medical Marijuana Program application. After reviewing my records and discussing my treatment options, we decided it was a good idea and I started my chronic pain treatment later that day. It was so nice of you to fill out the MMMP card application online and the doctors were really fast to get back. I feel so lucky to have somebody on my side and help me through the whole process. Thank you!" Jake- Flint, Michigan

"I was trying to find a local cannabis clinic in Warren and was relieved to find this online directory. Here they had all the info I needed and even questionnaires that answered all my questions about whether or not my Glaucoma was a qualifying condition which it was. After finding a medical marijuana clinic near me I scheduled an appointment to see a cannabis doctor in Warren. I was so happy that the staff was very professional and discrete making me feel like I was at any other doctor office. They helped me learn all the laws and regulations that come with getting my MMMP card and even helped me fill out my application. I now get medicine and treat my condition with medical marijuana regularly." Jim- Warren, Michigan

"When I was in a car crash along Highway 494, I injured my back and was dealing with severe pain issues with a physical therapist and receiving average results. She suggested I try medical marijuana and that there was a medical marijuana clinic in Lansing, Michigan where I could get treated. After going online and calling and having no luck, I applied online on this site and was called back very promptly. The person on the phone was very understanding and super knowledgeable about the process and what I needed to do to get my Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. I was scheduled that day and went to the cannabis clinic in Lansing later in the week and was applying for my card through the state of Michigan before I left the medical marijuana clinic. Try it you won't be disappointed I know I wasn't!" Maddy- Lansing, Michigan

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